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Assessment 4
Due Date Session 2 — Final Dissertation — Friday Week 13
Supervisor Feedback Due Session 2 — DRAFT — feedback only - Friday Week 11 - this
should be in the guideline as the draft is not an assessment Session 2 Final Dissertation - Not applicable
Weighting 65% of the final Grade
Format / Length / Duration Between 50 and 70 pages not including appendices
Description Assignment 4: Final Dissertation
12 cp dissertations must be marked by the principle
supervisor and one independent marker (not supervisor).
The draft dissertation is due in Friday Week 10 of
Semester 2 and is to be submitted online via Moodle. For
the draft Dissertation, your supervisor will only be able to advise you on what you have submitted. Partial completed versions increase your risk of failure of the subject.
Students should undertake all corrections specified by the
supervisor in the draft dissertation. The final dissertation is
due in Friday Week 13 of Session 2 and is to be submitted
online via Moodle. At least two academic staff will assess
the final dissertation. Both assessors will carry equal
weight. If the marks differ by more than 10%, a third
assessor will be consulted.
Assessment Criteria • Title page
• Acknowledgements
• Abstract (not more than 250 words)
• Table of contents
• List of Figures/Plates
• List of Tables
• Notation (and units)
• Main body of dissertation
• References
• Appendices
For further details on the title page, acknowledgements,
abstract, table of contents and notations, refer to the
Subject Learning Outcomes Assessed 1-5
Method of Submission This assessment task has been set up to be checked by Turnitin, a tool for checking if it has unreferenced content. You can submit your assessment task to Turnitin prior to the due date and Turnitin will give you an originality report. You can then make any changes that may be required and re-submit you final version by the due date.