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Writing a research proposal
Video: Research proposal 12:20 duration
• Background to the problem
• Clear statement of research questions
• Relevance/significance of the proposal
• Conceptual/theoretical framework underpins this proposed study
GCNRN4 Research in 'Surging
Summative Assessment -70% (2500 word., due we(4
Summative Assignment topic
Students will submit a research proposal fur a nursing clinical issue in th(dir -mac. pea and
apply the research steps learnt from this unit in their proposal Nevi- 'dee the below for points to be covered.
Required reading
Schneider, Z., Whitehead, D., LoBiondo-Wood, G., & Haber, J. (2016). Nursing and Mid•wifer/
Methods and appraisal for evidence-hosed proctice. (5th ed.). Chatswood, NSW: Els‘rvier IS, ;9,
20, 21.
Research Dropout Arseirt-, 11.o7cia,
Writing Writing
Assessment criteria
• Select a literature/ research articles that provide the strongest evidence for your topc. Yo articles must be 5.5 years old.
• Your assignment should have an introduction, body (which is the content of the issues; and a conclusion.
• USE APA FORMAT. APA guidelines. Information cited from an unreliable websites, pamphlets er magazines is not acceptable for this paper.
• The assignment will be marked according to the rubric/marking criteria below.
• Please attach a copy of the rubric/marking criteria to your assignment before submss on.
• Refer to -CHECKLIST FOR ASSIGNMENT PRESENTATION- before submitting your assignment
• See hyperlink: Sample of the title page
Marking Guide for Summative Assessment — 70%
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Literature Review
• Literature relevant to the problem identified
• Review is comprehensive and complete
• Review include an objective analysis of the strengths ancleaknesses of the various studies related to the problem
• Related literature is a summary, report or synthesis of research material
• Review support the proposed study
Research design and methodology
• Method and design -adequately reviewed, argued and discussed about the chosen method and design
• Sampling selected, bias if any; appropriateness of sample size, sampling strategy appropriate for the design of the proposed study
• Instruments to be used - clear description of the instrument/s that will be
used to gather data, quality of the instrument, reliability and validity of the instrument
• Data collection methods — clearly stated step-by-step and appropriate for
the design of the proposed study, objectivity and consistency of the method employed
• Data Analysis
Ethical Consideration
• Confidentiality and data security
• Inclusion of appropriate information/consent form
• Indication of safety issues where relevant
• Indication of any risks to subjects and/or researcher
• Indication of other relevant ethical issues
• clear description of the storage of data
• Indication of possible study limitations
• Potential impact of proposed study on wider community discussed
• Appropriate summary of the main emphasis of the proposed study
• Headings are clearly labelled and clearly presented and referenced