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HI6005: Management and Organisations in a Global Environment
1. Management Yesterday and Today
General Framework
Outline a framework (a map) describing the developments in Western Management Theory over the last hundred years or more.
Individual Components
Shifts in any theory occur when a researcher identifies a question troubling him or her. Subsequent
research is then directed at finding answers to the research question(s) and ultimately old theory is
discarded and new theory adopted. For example: The Egyptians had a theory that the sun revolved
around the earth. Modern theory is that the earth revolves around the sun. At some stage in between a
question — a research question - arose which we would now describe as challenging whether observed
motion is not absolute but relative to the position of the observer. Such questions trigger research
effort to find evidence so that the questions can be resolved and ultimately old theories are discarded
and new theories established.
1. Scientific Management School has given way to Quantitative Management (Management
2. Scientific Management School has given way to the Human Relations School of Management
3. Human Relations School of Management has given way to Behavioural Science School of
Each member of the team must choose one of these and identify the research questions and the reasons
why and the evidence on which the shift in theory (the paradigm shift) occurred.
2. Early Management Theories Relevant to the Modern World
H16005: Management and Organisations in a Global Environment
Orgarwation of the research report
A key ingredient to writing a successful report involves the planning or organising stage. Organising
can help you to sort out your ideas and to present your report in
your readers. Organisation is the procedure of constructing anthe outlinorder that communicates best to
e that acts as a plan for your
writing task. An outline forces you to think before you write.
Your essay is to be structured and written as a business report. It therefore, must beg
e in with a ,
Management (or Executive) Summary within which you stat in stark form (i.e. unsupported by argument) what you are asserting in this report and you must do that in less than two pages. As already stated above, you begin the main body of the report with some general background on the broad research topic. This introduction should end with a brief paragraph outlining the plan of the rest of the essay.
What follows is the specific issues of each individual component which were considered. As for any good business report these components should be structured into sections and sub-sections and the heading for these should be in the Table of Contents. In these individual components the in-depth
discussion of the relevant issues is elaborated based on the existing literature and/or data. You must provide in-text references to your sources.
The last section of the report contains a brief summary followed by a complete list of references that are cited in the text of the essay. Follow a standard referencing method consistently.
Suggested limits are as follows:
^ Management Summary: ideally one page but no more than two.
^ Sections 1: Introduction 400-600 words,
• Section 2: Main body of the essay consisting of each of the individual components limit each component to approximately 500 words each,
^ Sections 3: Conclusions 100-300 words,
• Summary and Complete List of References (5-15 references- that depends on your topic).
Assessment Criteria:
There are two components of assessment adding to a total possible mark of 30% of the subject:
• The Presentation which is worth 10 marks. Here we assess the quality of the presentation NOT the academic quality of the work.
• The Opening Impact 3 marks
• Overall Presentation Technique (incl. Quality of the Slides) 5 marks
2 marks
• Adherence to Time Limit
• The Report which is worth 20 marks. It is here that we assess the academic quality of your
work (including referencing) as well as your ability to correctly structure a business report.
6 marks
and use of Diagrams) 5 marks
9 marks
• The Management Summary
• Report Structure (TOC, Paragraphs, Sections
• Academic Quality (incl. Referencing)
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(1) The Live Presentation:
Students form into groups and nominate their broad research topic. Research on t 'broad XOCZ.‘' '‘'' - group activity and each student must contribute to that work. Each student in the woup will ,‘''‘‘ research, in depth, an individual component drawn from the broad research topic.
The live presentation (worth 10%) must be organised as a business presentation. Strict adherence to
the ten minute limit is expected so the time should be carefully allocated to aWN iOr lex`, short
introduction on the broad to followed by a few minutes allocated to each student to present theT individual component.
The presentation is primarily assessed on presentation technique. your tutor will make sunestcm op how the academic content can be improved and that will ony be assessed on the written report, due in the final week of the semester. Students can therefore choose to present at any V‘eV(AN-,nee,
semester and it is suggested that you make the decision to present earlier rather than ates N
there will be many assignments falling due.
EtrEt) (ii) The Written Report:
The final report on your topic will be written up as a seminar report kworth 20%) and subr6tted
your lecturer by the end of the semester. You may incorporate ideasgenerzted 1n the \ie. presentation. The written report should begin with the broad research topic which -‘s iouNed by each individual component identified by the individual student who prepared it.
TRIMESTER 2, Mt 0 Holmes Institute, 2018

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3135 words including Diagrams and References

Topic is Management Yesterday and Today

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