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Assessment 2 – Scenario/Case study
Implement organisational improvement programs
Scenario 1:
You have been asked to review the performance against budget of the
organisation you work for and make the necessary recommendations based on
the current performance for the upcoming 12 month period
This scenario requires you to review the performance of an ASX listed company.
You can select one of the organisations list below:
f Qantas
f Woolworths
f Toll Group
Research the organisation you have selected and save and print the financial
documents for the organisation. You will need to access:
f The Budget, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow
f Business Objectives
f Key Performance Indicator and the Business Plan
f Financial Policy
f Budget Policy
f Directors Report
f Independent Auditors Report
1. Review the variations in projected organisational outcomes including:
a. Financial (3 marks)
b. Budget (3 marks)
c. Policy changes (3 marks)
d. Business’s Objectives (3 marks)
e. Key Performance Indicators (3 marks)
f. Discuss whether the goals of the organisation are being met (3 marks)
2. Review the following and discuss whether the goals of these documents are
being met:
a. Financial (4 marks)
b. Budget Policy (4 marks)
c. Business Objectives (4 marks)
d. Key Performance Indicators (4 marks)
3. Using standard financial analysis, review the trends in performance for the
past 3 years and comment on any changes you have identified. (5 marks)
4. Review the organisations non-current liabilities
a. Has this increased/decreased over time (2 marks)
b. Examine any alternative finance options that could be used to manage
debt reduction in your chosen company. (3 marks)
5. Based on the information you have gathered on this organisation undertake
a SWOT analysis. From this evaluation, recommend improvements to the
overall financial processes in the organisation. Identify from the financial
reports if the company has been impacted by environment factors?
Consider the following whilst undertaking the SWOT analysis.
a. The organisations attitude to risk (3 marks)
b. Debt to equity ratio (3 marks)
c. Decision making authorities (3 marks)
d. Budget creation (3 marks)
e. Market profile (3 marks)
f. Resource Management (3 marks)
g. Information technology requirements (3 marks)
Print all documents you have used to prepare your reports and ensure you
reference any information in your portfolio of evidence.
Assessment 2 Total Marks: 65

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 5514 words including Diagrams and References

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