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Part A – Written Assessment
Your Task
1. Use the internet to RESEARCH and discuss the importance of workplace review and evaluation in the context of monitoring financial plans. Include in your report how work health and safety programs within an organisation can have affect on the financial performance of an organisation (15 marks)
2. DISCUSS how you would analyse the effectiveness of financial monitoring and planning. (10 marks)
3. OUTLINE how you would monitor such improvements that are made in the
monitoring of procedures. (10 marks)
4. VISIT some internet search sites and research and provide information on:
a. Bilateral or regional trade agreements
b. International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS)
c. Competition and Consumer Act (2010)
d. Warsaw Convention
e. World Trade Organisation determinations (15 marks)
5. OUTLINE the requirements of the Australian Tax Office, including Goods and Services Tax, Company Tax, PAYG. Include in your answer areas such as: a. Internal control procedures an organisation would need to have
b. Reporting periods for GST, Company Tax and PAYG
c. Outline the statutory forms that organisations are required to utilise when reporting their tax commitments. (18 marks)
6. OUTLINE the guidelines for businesses operating in Australia in regards to reporting of duty, excise and other overseas government charges. (15 marks)
7. DESCRIBE the discrepancies in business transactions that would not be acceptable and what processes can an organisation have to avoid
discrepancies in their business transactions. (10 marks)
The project must be typed and presented in a professional report format. Each question should be answered in three (3) paragraphs.
Part A total: 93 marks

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