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Assignment 3 Details
Assignment 3: On-line Presentation
Weight: 5%
Due date and time: 10 Sep 2018 9:00 AM
Duration: 10 minutes maximum and a maximum of 8 slides
Format: Microsoft PowerPoint slides only
You are required to make an oral presentation supported by. Record your presentation using PowerPoint (see details below on how to record audio in PowerPoint). Once recorded, upload the presentation to black Board in the Assessment Tasks Submission tab then click on the Assignment 3 Presentation Tab
Your presentation should outline the main features of your “draft” final assignment report (including output from your literature review) on the implementation of a stakeholder engagement plan for a new parallel runway at Sydney Airport (the one that already exists, but assuming it being proposed for construction today).
You will have to have a good outline draft of your final report (not necessarily complete) from which you will extract the key features for presentation. You have in “subject content” on Blackboard an excellent example of a Community Liaison Implementation Plan for the Sydney Metro North West project. While that is a very long and detailed report (far, far more than we expect from you), it gives you the essential structure of a stakeholder engagement plan.
Your presentation must be succinct, but convey the essential points that you will be amplifying in your final report.
Using PowerPoint to record your voice and your slides
Dr Jeremy Novak has placed a presentation on Black Board on ‘The Perfect Presentation’ this outlines some tips on how record the presentation for assignment three. To do a recording please see the below link.
If you have an earlier version of PowerPoint then you will need to find the information on how to do the recording. Do not contact the tutors or lecturers for help as they cannot assist you rather seek assistance form IT support.
Remember, you will first need to construct your presentation slides (max 8 slides) based on the draft of your final submission. Once you are happy with the slides, make notes of what you want to say while each slide is showing.

Marking criteria: Details of marking criteria Weightage (%)
Content Essential points for the Stakeholder Engagement Plan clearly set out. 25
Key points from Literature Review noted.
Good understanding of stakeholder mapping.
PowerPoint Presentation Good clear structure of key points. 45
Text in clear readable font.
Appropriate use of bullet points.
Colour and highlighting adds appropriate emphasis.
Good relevant images included.
Communication Voice over communicates clear messages effectively. 30
Tone and audible emphasis adds clarity.

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