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kuxf I rte and the Golden Rule; Module 2 - I am because we are; bdividual and society, Module 3 - The history and principles of Catholic Social thought; Module 4 - Human Fbunshing and the Cannon Good) arid thiotigh any wider or further reading you wish to include. Please note that you are not required to read outsiile of the reading list in the unit in order to achieve a high distinction in this assessment task_
General Instructions:
• I ;owls tn 1 a feature article describing, in writing, 3-5 principles of Catholic Social Thought (CST) as outlined in the unit, and draw upon these 3-5 principles to demonstrate the interrelationship Ihe concepts of 'self and 'community'.
1 In. 9 prir iciples are the Dignity of the Human Person; the Common Good: the Preferential Option liar the Poor Subsidsartty the Universal Purpose of Goods; the Stewardship of Creation, the Promotion of Peace, Participation: Global Solidarity.
• I row this assessment you will receive constructive feedback to assist you in completing the assessment 2
he article is to be 'between 1,000-1;200 words in length
• The feature article may have illustrations/artwork that relate to the content of your article Try and make your article interesting and engaging for readers.
• The article must refer to the extracted readings in the unit reading list for tutorials 2, 3. 4; 5 and 6. You may refer to other material you have read around the topic in order to gain a greater .nderstanding of the topic but note that you are not required to read outside of the reading list in the unit in °Tier 70 almove a high distinction On this assessment task
• All material must be referenced. if it is not original (see the notes on the UNCC100 LEO page
:‘, ,ur discipline area)
. References do not count in the word limit
-is assessment will he worth 50 marks