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Report (30%) Task Description This assignment will take the form of a short literature review. Using your refined question and search strategy (Assessment task 1),
run an actual search in a scientific database to source at least Page 8 CXA218 EVIDENCE INFORMED PRACTICE FOR QUALITY AND SAFETY three original research articles (primary studies) that provide evidence to answer your question.
For this assignment, write an introduction that briefly presents the question and why it is worthwhile investigating. Then conduct a critical analysis of each original research article you sourced and answer the following questions:
? What is the study design used in the article?
? What methods did the researcher/s use to collect and analyse their data, and why?
? What are the key findings of the study? ? How does this article add to the evidence base for your question?
? What are the main study limitations, and how will the limitations influence how you will use this research? Draw an overarching conclusion from the review of this collection of evidence.
What evidence-based answer can you give based on your review of the literature, and what recommendations do you have for future studies to collect additional evidence for your question? (1200 words)
Please reference this assignment thoroughly and accurately. Include the references for the articles you are reviewing. Include a screenshot of the first page of each article, including the abstract (NOT the database abstract) in your assignment as an appendix. Assessment Criteria Measures Intended Learning Outcome:
Criterion 1 Demonstrate an understanding of research designs and methods (30%)
3 Criterion 2 Describe and interpret key findings from research and generalise/transfer these findings to a specific research question (30%)
1, 2 Criterion 3 Critically assess available evidence (30%)
2 Criterion 4 Write in an appropriate academic style, substantiate work with scholarly literature and use Harvard referencing (10%)
Page 9 CXA218 EVIDENCE INFORMED PRACTICE FOR QUALITY AND SAFETY Measures Intended Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3 Task length 1200 words Due by date Sunday, 2nd September, 5 pm

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