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My subjects name is Delusions and disorders of the brain and mind and it falls into Cognitive science department. I have to write a research report on the disease Dyslexia not Aphasia ( tutor told us to do so). I am attaching all the details and all the specifications are required is written in the documents.
Faculty of Human Sciences COGS101 Research Report
Write a research report designed to help you think critically about cognitive disorders and develop skills to communicate scientific information in a clear and concise manner.
In your research report, you will to describe and critically evaluate a case study of an individual with a cognitive disorder. Pick any case study referenced in the lectures or from your own reading.
• Research reports should be 1500 words (double-spaced 12-pt font with 2.54 margins) maximum. The word includes in-text referencing but does not include the reference list at the end.
• Research reports should be submitted electronically via Turnitin on the COGS101 iLearn site. No paper submissions will be accepted. Consult iLearn for specific submission deadlines.
• Referencing: Your assignment should also follow APA (American Psychological Association) formatting and referencing guidelines.
• Writing style & presentation: Ensure that you write clearly and concisely throughout your assignment
(refer to the Marking Guide for more instructions). (Note that this accounts for 10% of your mark)
• Marking criteria: Please refer to the COGS101 Assignment Marking Guide. It is important that your assignment covers the sections included in the marking guide.
• The inclusion of a title page, running head or abstract are not required.
• Research reports should be divided into 5 separate (labelled) sections (Disorder description, Casestudy description, Cognitive theory description, Evidence, Conclusion).
1. Disorder description: Pick one of the following disorders: Dyslexia, Amnesia. Describe the disorder (15%)
2. Case-study description: Pick a case study associated with the disorder. Describe the case study. (20%)
3. Cognitive theory description: Pick a cognitive theory that accounts for the selected case study. Describe the theory (20%)
4. Evidence: Explain how the cognitive theory can account for the case study, and discuss other supporting/contradictory evidence (20%)
5. Conclusion: Provide a comprehensive and thoughtful conclusion. Also use this section to discuss potential limitations of existing research and to outline future experiments that overcome these limitations. (15%)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1709 words including References

Title: Theory of Dyslexia

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