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Assignment 1 –GLUTEN FREE BEER
You are required to prepare of review on a recent trend in Food Science. You will draw the information for this from the refereed scientific literature. You should demonstrate detailed knowledge of original research articles relevant to this assignment, have a thorough knowledge of research carried out, and understand the main theoretical and methodological issues. The literature review should be more than a catalogue of the literature. It should contain a critical, analytic approach, with an understanding of sources of error and differences of opinion. The literature review should not be over-inclusive. It should not cover non-essential literature nor contain irrelevant digressions. Studies recognised as key in the field of enquiry should not be ignored. A good literature review will be succinct, penetrating and challenging to read.
It is anticipated that you will refer to at least 20 non-review research articles, i.e. original research articles, although you may look at many more. The length of your review should be between 3500 and 4000 words. You are encouraged to summarize research relevant to the topic chosen in tables. You must quote the reference where these studies came from.
You will access these articles through the AUT library and with search engines like Google Scholar. Searching through AUT library – Library Resources, e-Journals – has the advantage that you can access the full text at no cost. You should also save each citation and its abstract in Endnote. That will make referencing much easier. You can use any common referencing format you like and these can be selected within Endnote. Above all, be consistent and make sure your referencing is adequate such that a reader could locate the articles easily.
You will submit in two ways. The electronic version of you review (Word format) will be submitted through Turnitin. I use this program to make sure there that direct copying of text is kept to a minimum. You must use your own sentences. (Note that I will not be looking for perfect English. I will be looking more for the flow of logical arguments, so those for whom English is a second language will not be disadvantaged.)
You will also submit a printed copy through my mailbox outside WS514. That copy, which will show all the figures you include, will be the one I will mark.
As with all written assignments use 12 pt Times-Roman font 1.5 spaced for body text. Be careful with paragraphs. Paragraphing is the basic way you separate the elements of your review.
Try to make your review interesting. This can be helped with a good introduction, perhaps explaining why the research is important. Never forget that you are telling a story, one that should be interesting and makes logical sense at the same time.
Due Date:10/9/2018
Word Limit:4000words

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 4214 words including References

Title: [Assignment 1 –GLUTEN FREE BEER]

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