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Individual Literature Review – 30% (2000 words)
Due: Part A Week 3 & Part B Week 7
Customer experience is the heart of marketing for every industry. You are required to review the current literature on the Integrated Customer Experience and write a literature review which could be suitable for publication in an academic marketing journal. Papers dealing with topics other than the specified unit will not be marked
Your essay must include at least 5 marketing peer reviewed (scholarly) journal articles in addition to 2 marketing textbook or references.
The Literature review is in TWO PARTS:
PART A – Project plan, structure and chosen references uploaded to Moodle by week 3
PART B – The literature review of up-to 2000 words uploaded to Moodle by week 7
See marking rubric at the end of this document
Group Marketing Strategy Report & Presentation – 30% (Presentation 10, Report 20) (10 minutes and 2000 words)
Presentations Week 10 and 11 Report Due: Week 12
Working in groups of no more than four you are required to develop a detailed marketing strategy for the introduction (or launch) of a new product or service into the Australian market, for a company that needs to be approved by your lecturer.
Your marketing plan must include detailed analyses of customers and competitors as well as the general marketing environment in addition to a comprehensive positioning strategy.
Papers dealing with topics and/or industries or companies other than those specified will not be marked.
See marking rubric at the end of this document

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2471 words including References

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