Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment task 1
Task description The purpose of this assessment item is to consolidate your knowledge of the role and function of entrepreneurship in the economy. For this assessment item you are required to write an essay addressing the following question:
Why is growing the level of entrepreneurial activity critical to the growth and development of the Australian economy? Critically evaluate the factors that potentially help and hinder the process of entrepreneurship in Australia?
This assignment should be answered in an essay format, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Examples should be used to support your answers. There is no requirement for a table of contents for this assignment, but please use page numbers. You must use a minimum of eight (8) academic references to answer the question.
Criteria Measures Intended Learning Outcome:
Criterion 1 Explain the history of concepts of entrepreneurship and their relevance today. 1
Criterion 2 Compare and contrast the main features of economic and non-economic theories of the role and function of the entrepreneur, identify the questions addressed by each theory, and appraise the results obtained. 2
Task length 2500 words
Due by date Friday 31 August @ 2.00pm