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TI-IT2105 T cot.- ri inn atria 1-rainsF
Task Length: 1000 words
coat4e VVeek. 6
Task Weight: 2094)
Task Ftecpuiiirerrverits.:
This assignment req U ires each student tc write that clernc.nstrat es the relationship between comparative analysis c f the Opal card versus I analysis and evaluation should consider the fc.
A. detailed comparison c.f the stren levels and the overall experiences
b) An evaluation c f how both pr.:pc transport and tpurism systems_
c) Recc.rnmenclatipns tc the visitor experience and tc better tourism systems_
d) Evidence pf the application c.f theories and concepts tc the ca examples, and discussing any imr
The report should include the fc.11c.wing:
^ - Title Page with your name and etudei c.f the lecturer/tutc r, and the title of the . Executive •S writ-nary which inclu dE
^ c.f the repcsrt;
^ Table f Contents with section numlz
^ - brief Introduction that provides en c services for bus and ferry in Sydney es
^ The lViairi Body pf the report in sectic.n1
o detailed comparison c f the service levels and the overall e
• An evaluation c.f how both prc transport and tourism systems, theories and cc.ncepts_
I 1-1-11-2105 Tourism and Transport /1 52 2018
Quid. complies with the Subject Clutl in. autlho
1- 1-1 1-2 1 0 5 'You ri rris r.cI -rrra•sr
^ A. Ccnicl use i cork, which summarises t recommendations and irnplicatic.ns anis
^ A. Reference List end in -text re fe re n cir pf six (6) academic journal articles, sources and relevant media sources (.
ir-A.Ref.eneri,c.e List and in-text referencir cof six (6) academic journal articles, sources and relevant media sources (. support your discussion; and
.^ Any relevant Appendices (e_g_ maps, i
'The report should be based on re.searcia examples tc strengthen your analysis and to si
tc) gracie. this task:
1_ Provide a detailed comparison cof th.
transport products, service levels and ti 2_ .Analyse the transport and tourism syst
are integrated;
3_ Provide recommendations to improve coverall visitor experience and to bett systems_
4 Apply the relevant tourism and transpc case study, drawing on appropriate implications and issues arising_
5_ Present your ideas and findings in writii
Estimated Stuclerkt WcHrkicsacl: 6-8 hours
See Separate Marking Rubric for the detailed r
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