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ASSESSMENT 1: Individual Literature Review

Due Date: 29TH August 2018
Content: 1000 words excluding references, tables and any figures and additional pages. Submitted through Turnitin
There are two parts (A & B) to this assessment. Part A is the Literature Review. Part B is the critique of the literature.
There are five major themes that form the bases of the lecture sessions:
1. The Challenges Facing the Field of Organisational Change Management;
2. Diagnosing Change in Organizations and the Role of Change Agents;
3. The Process of Change: Readiness to Change and Designing Change Frameworks;
4. Managing Resistance to Change;
5. The Role of Leadership and Culture Change during Transformational Change.
Students are required to select one of the themes from the five themes listed above and conduct a review of the literature that relates to that theme. Please select up to five journals to review on the topic. The journals must be from the top tier journals.
STUDENTS MUST demonstrate deep learning, critical analysis, referencing reputable authors and integrating contrasting views on the topic from the literature.

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