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Assessment Task No 1 (Individual presentation) Task description: The presentation will be based on one area of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the context will be a group event. Students will need to discuss and get approval for their chosen area with the lecturer.
Prepare a 10-minute briefing presentation and plan for a 5-10 slide presentation Task Length: 10-minute presentation plus 5 minute Q&A Date
Due: Week 7 and 8 Task Weight: Task Requirements: This assessment task requires each student to make a 10-minute presentation, followed by a five-minute ‘question and answer’ session. Each presentation will be based on one project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and should include a presentation on the applicability of relevant project management theories or frameworks.
This will be agreed upon with the lecturer in week 3-4. Each presentation will use information from the subject content, relevant publications and research and will be presented in a structured and logical manner. Criteria used to grade this task:
This presentation Base on(( PMBOK)
Topic base on Flower event
1. Present concepts and theories related to Project Management
2. Present ideas orally to a diverse audience with the support of visual aids
3. Use events project management terminology, definitions and models
4. Articulate the significance of events for suppliers, host communities and attendees/visitors
5. Demonstrate an understanding of the conceptual framework for project management and the activities of the major stakeholders involved
6. Organise ideas and structure arguments

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