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APPENDIX A - Assessment Information Assignment 1: Portfolio
Due date: Week 12
Group/individual: Group assignment
Word count: 4000 - 4500
Weighting: 60%
Unit Learning Outcomes: [ULO1], [ULO2], [ULO3], [ULO4]
Course Learning Outcomes: [CLO1], [CLO2], [CLO4], [CLO7], [CLOG], [CLO9]
Graduate Attributes: GAl, GA3, GA5, GAll
Assignment Details:
The portfolio is based on the delivery system of the -Case project-, where students use real-life project as the vehicle for learning and developing their competencies in this unit of study. The case project should be selected by students in their field of interest.
The portfolio includes three components:
1. Literature review on the case project, including the typical delivery models and contexts
2. Development of the methodology for case project delivery system.
3. Implementation of the methodology from 2. to design case project delivery systems. Students will also discuss results and expected outcomes and suggest implementation plan for the case project.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 5914 words including References

Title: Literature review for developing a project delivery system for the construction of a shopping center

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