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Assessment item 2 Report (35%): Cross Cultural Differences
Due date:27th August 2018 (Monday), via turnitin by 12 midnite. Word doc. only
Length: 2000 words (+/-10%) (only from introduction to conclusion included in word count)
It has been argued that the same HR practices may not produce the same results in different cultural
contexts. Based on this idea, choose TWO of the following HR practices/functions and explain how cultural differences may have an impact.
1. Performance appraisal
2. Recruitment and selection
3. Training and Development
Format and Structure
Cover Page(not included in the word count)
• Include a formal cover page that shows student name, student id, lecturer name, the subject code and name and word count. The word count includes everything other than the cover page and the reference list. It includes in-text citations and text included in images.
Executive Summary (not included in the word count)
Table of Contents (not included in the word count)
Introduction (10-15% of word limit):
• What the essay will be about: A navigational purpose.
• General Theory of topic selected, the two HR practices selected, the country/culture selected as comparison, and the purpose of the essay
Main Body (70-80% of word limit): What the essay is about. Journey itself providing detailed explanations by signposts.
• You may use headings for each of the HR practices.
• For each HR practices/functions you must
o first describe the function
o followed by some critical reviews from multiple perspective about the function
o than look at the differences and similarities of how the HR functions is practiced in different countries/culture and why
o All cultural differences and similarities must be supported by theories learned in week 2 (eg. Hofstede, Globe. etc.).
o You may use company examples to further support your arguments and to show integration between theory and practice
o end it by providing your own arguments about cultural impact on HR practice
o Ensure you have supported with clear in-text citation and aligned it with reference list
Conclusion (10-15% of word limit): What essay has been about retrospectively: Reflect on the essence of the journey and summarize clearly all the key point’s discussed
Reference List(not included in the word count)
• Minimum 12 academic sources listed using APA6 format. Additionally, you may use examples, newspapers articles, company reports, and cases to support your answer.
*Note: Marking is strictly based on the rubric as provided in the subject outline. Kindly read and apply it.
**Please submit on the DRAFT link first on turnitin to check for similarity because if it’s on the FINAL link and you have similarity above 25% we been asked to report the case for plagiarism investigation.
***There will be 10% penalty for each day late submission. Being a 35% assessment, that means 3.5 marks will be deducted for each day late.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2472 words including References

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