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301005- PPC
Reflection Essay - 1 Questions
1. Due in week 4, Saturday, 25th August, 11.59 pm
2. Submit your answer of reflection essays 1 questions via Turnintin on vUWS
Answer following questions.
Q1. Do you think that the practice of professional communication at workplace is important for professional growth? If yes, justify your answer with an example. (Write your answer in 650 words).
Q2. Define the terms ‘assertiveness’, ‘aggressiveness’ and ‘submissiveness’. Distinguish the difference between ‘assertiveness’, ‘aggressiveness’ and ‘submissiveness’. How do assertiveness skills benefit you in the work place environment? (Write your answer in 700 words) Q3. Consider following situation (write your answer in 650 words).
Situation: Suppose you are working as a senior purchase officer in a large organisation. You feel that your section supervisor Thomas is ordering excessive amount of stationary and duplicating some orders. How would you approach Thomas with your concerns? Thomas is sometimes aggressive and sometimes defensive. You must reach to an acceptable solution accretive way.
Your opening statement to Thomas at a meeting in his office is “Thomas I need to speak to you about the latest purchase requisition”.
Answer following questions:
1. How will you present your view in assertive manner?
2. What feedback you will provide to Thomas to achieve win-win outcome?
3. What level of conflict have you and Thomas reached?

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2620 words including References

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