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MTRN3500 Computing Applications in Mechatronic Systems - 2018
1 General Instructions
1. Your assessment will take place in week 6. Refer to the Excel spreadsheet to find the exact timeof your assessment.
2. The solution developed for this assignment must be electronically submitted to Moodle by 11.59 pm of 31 August, 2018.
3. This assignment is a take home assignment. Have a complete package developed as described in this assignment and bring its source code as described (without the main() function) along with you on a USB drive on the day of the assessment.
4. On the day of the assessment you will be asked to write a main() function to carry out a specified task. Your work must be carried out on a PC104 based system in the Mechatronics Teaching Laboratory 213 in the Willis Annex (next to Ainsworth Building) of UNSW. Only a maximum of 30 minutes will be available for you to complete your task, followed by a quiz lasting 15 minutes.
5. Marks will be awarded according to the following scheme:
(a) Making the program fully operational on the day of the assessment (3 Marks)
(b) Quiz (5 Marks)
(c) Modularity: (i). Logical breakdown into separate files, (ii). Well reasoned selection of data and function members of the classes and non-member functions (if any).
Structure: (i). Order of programming statements, (ii). Indentation, (iii). Use of braces and parenthesis, (iv). Consistent and well reasoned choice of constant/variable/function names.
Program constructs: (i). Well reasoned choice of data types, (ii). Proper choice of iterative loops, (iii). Orderly use of other constructs such as switch, break, continue, etc (iv). Logical selection of constructors (v). Achieving best program logic with least number of lines.
Total for all three items above (5 marks).
(d) Auto-marking checking the correctness of the solutions to each of the functions. (7 marks).
6. Your mark out of 20, will directly contribute to forming the final mark for this course.
7. The submitted code will be checked for plagiarism.
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2 Assignment Problem
This assignment involves developing an object oriented software package for the three hardware units listed below. The description of these hardware units is available on Moodle under Hardware Documentation.
1. PCM-3718 multi-function interface card
2. PC104-DAC06 analog output card
3. MSI-P404 encoder input card
You are provided three header files containing the class definitions for the three devices above. The header files also describe the required functionality of each function. These header files can be downloaded from the course page on Moodle under Assignment I. New code may be added to these files, however, the existing code must not be changed.
You must develop three .cpp files providing the function definitions for all the functions outlined in the header files. These should have the same names as the header files with the file extensions changed to .cpp.
3 What to submit
Prepare a folder with the name z1234567 with 1234567 replaced by your student number. Add to the folder all your .cpp files and .h files. Then zip the folder and submit the zipped file to the submission box on Moodle.
4 Penalties
1. If you are found to have plagiarised you will get zero marks for the assignment and you will be reported to School authorities.
2. If you have deleted or changed the existing code of the header files, or do not conform to thesubmission instructions (resulting in demonstrator intervention), 2 marks will be deducted.
3. Each day late past the online submission deadline will lose 20% of the total marks for theassignment as per School guidelines.
4. If you do not attend the lab session you must apply for special considerations through myUNSW.
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