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Assessment Guidelines
What will be assessed:
The purpose of this assessment is to assess you underpinning knowledge to complete the tasks outlined in the elements and performance criteria for this unit of competency and relating to the following aspects:
• Communication techniques suitable to a workplace training context
• Objectives and scope of the coaching :
o Direction from colleagues
o Own observation and workplace experience
o Request for coaching from colleagues to be coached
• Key principles of training:
o Explanation
o Demonstration
o Review
o Listening to trainee demonstration
o Providing feedback
• Legislative work health and safety and hygiene requirements
• Possible causes of performance problems or difficulties
o Breakdown in communication
o Inappropriate circumstances for coaching
o Insufficient opportunity to practice
o Language or cultural barriers
o Shyness or lack of confidence
Written Test
Your task: Answer the following questions. Each question must be completed. 1000words
1. How will you deal with, and accordingly overcome, the following performance problems or difficulties by providing applied examples or scenarios:
a. Breakdown in communication
b. Inappropriate circumstances for coaching
c. Insufficient opportunity to practise
d. Language or cultural barriers
e. Shyness or lack of confidence
2. How will you ensure that your colleagues will be able to apply the learnt skills to other tasks or situations and how can you provide for this? Provide examples for each task you have delivered in your coaching sessions.
3. How will you provide for ongoing coaching processes, given that you work in a very establishment?
4. A.) What are the key advantages to a business regarding training of staff?
b.) What are the key objectives of training and why are they important to be identified?
5. In what circumstances would you change your scope of training?
b.) In what ways can we find out if we need to improve the way we coach or train staff?
Q6. A). What are the advantages and disadvantages of the following methods of training:
Demonstration of Skills to the trainee
b.) Why should we break down coaching and/training into smaller chunks for the trainee when conducting session?

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1299 words

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