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First, you need to identify a company (any company) that you think easy to make a risk management plan and identify 25 risks.
After you identified the company and 25 risks, send it to me, so I can check and confirm to continue the rest.
Then you can write the risk management plan according to the following structure based on this site.
So please do not change the order. Follow the structure below.
(Remember you need to make an advanced risk management plan for a company. so need high quality work.)
(2500 words)
Risk Management Plan
1. Establishing the context
1.1 Company Vision and Mission Statement
1.2 Internal Environmental analyze
SWOT Analyze
1.3.1 External Environmental analyze
• PESTL analyze
• Stakeholder analyze
1.4 Establishing Risk Management Criteria
1.4.1 Resources required
1.4.2 Budget and time frame
1.4.3 Roles and responsibilities
1.4.4 Record keeping requirement
1.4.5 Depth of analysis required
2 Identify risk
2.1 Risk Identification methods
o HapOz and FTA
o Survey
o Checklist
To complete the rest, you must follow the instructions and guidance provided by this link.

2.2 Risk Identification - (Identify total of 25 risks. They can be in any of following categories. If you have more relevant major categories that you can put more risks into, just add or you can have your own categories that fit into identified risks. It’s up to you. But there must be at least three risks under one category. REMEMBER ALL RISK MUST BE SPECIFIC, do not write risks too generally. You should use the following table)
Category Risk Cause Consequences
Human Resources
3. Risk Analysis
3.1 Assess inherent likelihood (Follow his link-
3.2 Assess Inherent consequences
4. Risk evaluation
4.1 Identify the existing control (For Each risk identified)
4.2 Assess the effectiveness of the control (for each risk identified)
5. Analyze the residual risk
5.1 Assess the residual likelihood (for each risk identified)
5.2 Assess residual consequences (for each risk identified)
6. Risk Treatment
6.1 Specify the treatment option selected (for each risk identified)
6.2 Document the treatment plan (for each risk identified)
6.3 Assign an owner (for each risk identified)
6.4 Specify a target resolution date (for each risk identified)
6.5 Implement and monitor treatment plans (Follow the instructions on
7. Monitor and Review
7.1 Continuous improvement
8. Communication and consultation
9. Reference
(You need to make and fill risk register according to the risk identified so please find the attached Excel register file and make according to the risk. Don’t copy. It’s a sample. You need to create new one based on the information provided. Do not change the format.)

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