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HI5016 International Trade and Enterprise
Topics for 1st Research Paper: DUE Week 6
-Countries/Industries affected _Positive cases
Negative cases
_Some facts and figures are required with your analysisSuggestion on how to approach the research paper
If you choose a topic on Globalization, for example, you need to do research on this topic and write a report which will analyse how Globalization is affecting the countries and/or companies in their pursuit of market expansion or market share or profitability. You need to elaborate on both sides of the arguments as which countries/industries are winning and which countries/industries are losing or have not enjoyed the benefits of Globalization.
To do this, you will need to research at least 5 to 10 sources /articles for your paper. Simply cut and paste from Google is not acceptable. Academic research is the key to get good marks with proper references (APA style or Harvard Business).
- More marks for research — choosing a good
article on something specific
- At least 4 to 6 articles on your topic besides
facts and figures
- More marks for application and your comments
on the topic in introduction and conclusion