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Major Assignment
YEAR: 2018
COURSE(S): Bachelor of Accounting
Associate Degree of Accounting
Bachelor of Business
Associate Degree of Business
Bachelor of Hospitality
SUBJECT: Management Fundamentals
CONTRIBUTION TO OVERALL ASSESSMENT: This assignment is worth 30% of the overall assessment. 10% will be allocated to the Draft (week 6 / 20/08/18 )and 20% to the Report (Week 9)
DUE DATE: This assignment is due in Week 6 (Draft) and Week 9 (Report)
PARTICIPATION AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: This is an individual assignment. The written report must be a typed self-contained report and professionally presented.
The written component of this assessment is a minimum of 700 words (Draft) and 1800 words (Report).
TURNITIN: This report must comply with Melbourne Polytechnic policies and academic conventions for report writing, plagiarism and referencing. Your teacher will discuss these policies with you and further information is available on the Melbourne Polytechnic Student Intranet.
Before submitting your work, you are required to enrol as a student in Turnitin and submit your work to check for plagiarism. Your Class ID and the password will be emailed to you via Moodle. To get on to Turnitin, log on to the Library portal and look for the Turnitin Menu and follow instructions.
ASSESSOR(S): Dr Arnold Tan

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Mark achieved:
ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS/QUESTIONS You will find this Suggested Contents Outline helpful:
1. Cover Sheet
2. Introduction
(what this paper is about - to identify the challenges faced by a real company, to identify the management issues which you will learn in this subject, and to provide solutions to those managements issues, so that the company will have a successful performance in the future)
3. Background of Company & Product
(Information about the company and how well or poorly this company is doing in the market. You can use sales figures or market share of recent years. Some of the challenges may be briefly mentioned here but not in detail)
4. Challenges Faced by the Company
(Situation Analysis (PESTLE & SWOT)
PESTLE - Analyse how the situation in Political/Legal, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological and Environment affect the company and how there are OPPORTUNITIES or THREATS to the company

SWOT - Strengths and Weaknesses of the Company & Product
SWOT - Opportunities and Threats are your deductions from the PESTLE Analysis
The real challenges faced by the company are listed here and discussed in some detail.)
5. Management Issues Identified
(You will relate the above challenges to Management Issues (concepts, theories, models) that you have studied in this subject. This section is where you apply what you have learned in class to the assignment. )
6. Recommended Solutions for the Management Issues
(You will develop the solutions for the management issues discussed above using the knowledge you have learned from this subject. Concepts, terms, theories and models to be used in this section to demonstrate your ability to apply.)
7. Conclusion
(The conclusion tells the reader in summary what you have done and why you feel your recommended solutions to ensure the future success of the company because the management issues will be resolved through your recommendations and solutions.)
8. References
Assignment Rubrics for Marketing Principles (The marks you see in the column represent the range of marks you may score).
Marketing Principles
Written Report
Criteria Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Depth of Research & Analysis Lacks depth of research and analysis about the subject matter Adequate depth and research done. The quality of the analysis could be more rigorous. Research is well done. Good evidence provided and analysis is sound and in-depth. Strong research capabilities shown. Analysis is very sound and correct with ability to identify the key issues. Very wide and deep research done. Analysis is very strong with clear evidence. Key issues are identified and very well explained.
Presentation of Report: Format, Clarity, Language, Grammar, Referencing Poor language and grammar. Spelling mistakes. Lacks referencing and clarity of writing. Fair standard of language. Some difficulty in understanding some sentences in the report. Writing is generally clear, but unnecessary words are occasionally used. Meaning is sometimes hidden. Very good language skills. Writing is clear and direct. Report is well presented with headings and sub-headings. Excellent language skills with clear development of each section of the report. Correct referencing is used.
Criteria Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Presentation Skills: Language skills, voice projection, body language, ability to engage audience Poor language skills making it difficult to understand the presenter. Fair language skills. Could be stronger in ability to engage the audience. Good language skills and voice projection. Appropriate body language and generally able to engage the audience. Very strong language skills. Clear in presentation and audience is engaged. Appropriate body language and strong voice projection. Excellent language skills. Audience fully engaged. Presentation flows with a very clear link between the start and end of the presentation. A natural presenter with excellent presentation skills.
Coverage of Content Lacks the required content coverage. Adequate content coverage with some missing areas of importance. Good content coverage which addresses all the important areas. Very good content coverage with focus on the important areas. Excellent content coverage. Ability to highlight the important areas and show a link between the start and end of the content covered.
Powerpoint Presentation Poorly designed slides with too many words, spelling mistakes and lacking a flow. Fairly well designed slides with adequate flow. Fairly good use of visuals where appropriate. Well designed slides which are attractive and addresses the points being presented. Good use of visuals with no spelling mistakes. Very well designed slides. Engaging and relevant for the audience. Not too many words on each slide and good visuals are used. Excellent slides with a very strong flow from one slide to the next. Powerful visuals are used. Minimum number of words are used.

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