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7/22/2018 Inquiry Task: Assignment One: Let's go over Assignment 1: Inquiry Task
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Foundations of Early Childhood
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Inquiry Task: Assignment One
2. Assignment One: Inquiry Task
2.2. Let's go over Assignment 1: Inquiry Task
Assignment One: Inquiry Task requires you to create a research based analysis of a political or social issue.
This task is going to involve both group work and individual work. Your assignment for submission will be created individually. That is, every pre-service educator enrolled in this course is required to submit a completed assignment.
I will briefly explain the process here and I will also provide a screen capture recording for deeper explanation. Please be sure you engage with the recorded power point (see below).
What is required for ECF1100 Inquiry task?
You are to develop a research based analysis. You are to analyse one policy or social issue found in the media and your analysis is to be based on research (10 scholarly sources). You are to analyse the issue from 5 different positions or points of view. The total word count is 1500 words.
How will you go about this?
By the end of Week One I will divide you into groups of 5. (There may be one or two groups of 6 depending upon our final enrolment numbers). You are to share the task of finding scholarly sources across the group. You will do it in this way. There are 5 members and 5 positions or points of view. Each member will choose one position and work from that position only.
The 5 positions or points of view are -
Inquiry T
1. key stakeholders
2. political perspective
3. media perspective
4. any changes and their impact on early childhood educators;
5. any potential impact on children and families
You will have your own group forum in the space provided under Inquiry Task Groups Forum. I will create the forum and show you where it is on the Course Activity page by the end of Week one. Use this space to communicate with each other.
How do you find the issue for analysis?
You will be provided with a choice of 10 different issues with links to the media item.
Click here to access the choice of issues.
In Week 2 decide as a group which issue you will choose to investigate. Talk together about some possible sources. Throughout your searching share tips to sources with your peers.
What do you do next?
You have an issue and you have selected the position you will investigate in relation to this issue. Begin searching for 2 scholarly sources that you can use in your analysis of the issue. Develop an annotated bibliography of your 2 scholarly sources being sure to include information relating to the position or point of view you were to look for. By sure to provide the required links and referencing information because your peers will need to visit these sources. The 2 annotated bibliographies are to be no more that 300 words when combined. By no later than Week 6 (earlier is better) share this document with your peers via your group forum. We can assist you with the uploading. You can then download and save to your desktop the 4 annotated bibliographies provided by your peers. You will now have 10 scholarly sources related to your chosen issue.
Now you develop your analysis
Access the 10 scholarly sources collated by your group. Develop your analysis of the policy or social issue in 1200 words being sure to include a reference to each of the 10 sources. Word is best.
Prepare your assignment document being sure to include:
1. Cover page
2. List of contents page
3. Two annotated scholarly sources created by you at the beginning - 300 words.
4. Your analysis of the issue based on the 10 scholarly sources - 1200 words.
5. Include a Reference list of the 10 scholarly sources using correct APA referencing
6. Include an Appendix with a list of the 10 scholarly sources that have been annotated by
nqury Task: Assignmet One: Lets go over Assignment 1: nquiry Task
the group members.
Name your assignment file as directed. Be sure to save a copy of your original final file on your own desktop.
Click on the Assessment Tab. Find the Submit Assignment 1 link.
Submit your assignment.
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