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Weight: 50%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: 10:00am, Monday 8th October, 2018
Submission: Draft due to Turnitin on 2/10/18. Final copy due to Turnitin by 10am 8/10/18
Format: This assignment is a professional task requiring you to plan experiences suitable for the lower primary classroom, and justify your planning decisions.
You are required to use the prescribed template for this assignment.
Word limits are +/- 10% of the total listed. Marking will be based on these limits. Any words over the limit may not be marked.
Length: 2500 words
Curriculum Mode: Professional Task
This assignment requires you to select a children’s picture book, for which you will write a brief synopsis, to be used as the stimulus to develop two 50-minute lesson plans for one grade of your choice, either kindergarten (early stage 1), year 1 (stage 1), or year 2 (stage 1). Both lessons must clearly build on each other, and you must describe how the book is to be used in each lesson. One of your lessons must employ digital technology for rich use by the students. You will also write a 500-word justification, justifying your pedagogical decisions and how your planned lessons reflect best practice in the teaching of mathematics.

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