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2.5 Assessment Details
2.5.1 Mathematics resource critique
Weight: 50%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: 10:00am, Monday 20th August, 2018
Submission: Draft due to Turnitin on 14/8/18. Final copy due to Turnitin by 10am 20/8/18
Format: This assignment is a critical review of mathematics resources suitable for the lower primary classroom.
You are required to use the prescribed template for this assignment.
Word limits are +/- 10% of the total listed. Marking will be based on these limits. Any words over the limit may not be marked.
Length: 2500 words
Curriculum Mode: Critical Review
This assignment requires you to select a range of three existing mathematics-based games (not activities) and provide a critical analysis of their suitability for use in mathematics lessons. Your first game must cater for early stage 1 kindergarten students, the second game for stage 1 year 1 students, and the third game for stage 1 year 2 students. Each chosen game should be a different format, eg. computer based, board game, iPad/iPod app, a card game, dice game etc, and one game must incorporate the use of digital technology. The games must not be of a rote-based nature, and worksheets should not be included. The prescribed template (on vUWS) must be used for this assignment.
Exemplar: Available on vUWS
Template, NSW Mathematics K-10 Syllabus

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