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Assessment: 500 words
You are required to source and interpret each of the following types of information about the Hospitality industry relevant to your area of training or studies. The details you source for each question need to be clearly presented to enable you to share this information with your colleagues in a presentation or as a newsletter.
1. Current and emerging products and services
2. Current issues+relationship between other related industries
3. Career opportunities
4. Compliance issues and quality assurance
5. New products, technology, techniques and services
6. Work ethic required to work in the industry
1. Current and emerging products and services
Go to the following websites and write a summary of the latest trends in food, beverage and accommodation.
a. -trends-2016.html
2. Current issues / and relationship between other related industries
Go to the link below and access the summaries on page 35 and 43 in the document. What are the key issues listed in each summary on these pages?
3. Career opportunities
Go to the weblink below and identify the career paths available in the Hospitality sector you are training or working. If none apply, select the career paths for “front office”
4. Compliance issues and quality assurance
a. Go to the United Voice website and list the type of advice you could obtain on your rights in the workplace:
b. Go to the restaurant and catering industry association website and take a look at the “Gold Licence Accreditation Scheme” and the “ Green Table Australia” Program. What do these offer? And what do they require from a business in terms of compliance and quality provisions?
5. New product, technology, techniques and services
Go to the following website and explore 3 new technologies that impact on or will change the Hospitality industry as present:
6. Work ethic required to work in the industry
On your own initiative, choose an industry magazine, talk to professionals in the industry, visit a library, see a job agency or similar and research the work ethic required to work in the hospitality industry ( sector or department of your choice). Provide sufficient information that covers all aspects typically expected in the industry.
7. Summary
How can you use the information you have gathered in questions. 1-6 in a workplace in the Hospitality industry? Which of the information can be used to improve your skills and performance in the workplace? How?

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Word Count: 577 words

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