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Seminar 3 — Self Reflection 1 (500 words)
PART A — Career and Unit Expectations (200 words)
•Take 10 minutes to think about the career you are thinking of following when you graduate from your studies. In 100 words describe your perfect career choice.
•Now consider your expectations of this unit.
•How will this unit help you achieve your career choice described above? (100 words)
PART B — Team Formation (200 words - use DIEP writing format)
•How was the team formed?
•What part did the exercise -Team Roles- play in the team formation?
•How can the -Team Roles- help in achieving the team objectives?
PART C-CV (one page)

•You may have a CV that you have used before. If you have then edit down to one page or create a CV and include in your reflection.
•You may wish to view the VU career guide to writing a CV.
•use theory to support the learning you have described and evaluated in your reflection
•include a minimum of 2 References
•use the Harvard Style of citations and References
•If you do not include any references or citations, your will be marked to a pass level only.

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