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Length: Length: 2000 (+/-10%)
Submission method options: Alternative submission method
Critically evaluate the key issues that strategic analysis plays in a business or organisation that you are familiar with.
You are required to make 4 journal posts. Each post should be 500 words (+/-10%)
Use a mini report format for each post. An executive summary is not required. Sources should be acknowledged in-text and a reference list (not included
in the length) should be posted at the end. Appendices can be included.
Post 1 (due 05 Aug 2018)
Introduction: Briefly describe the background information of the organisation (or SBU) chosen. This
information should be brief and relevant to the discussion of your assignment and thus may
include ownership, history, size, business scope, major products/services, and major markets
of the organisation (or SBU).
Conduct a macro-environment analysis for the entire industry within which the organisation (or SBU) operates. You should use the PESTEL model and focus on
understanding the purpose of this analysis, the identification of key factors and their implications in terms of key opportunities and threats, and discussion of
their overall impact on industry growth in the future.
Draw your conclusions based on your macro-environment analysis.
Post 2 (due 12 Aug 2018)
Introduce industry analysis
Undertake a competitive analysis using Porter's 5 forces model. You should pay attention to
the purpose of this analysis, the inter- connectedness of different aspects of the competitive
forces, and their overall impact on the industry and the organisation selected in terms of main
driving forces in the competitive environment.
Draw your conclusions based on your five-force analysis.
Post 3 (due 19 Aug 2018)
Introduce internal analysis
Conduct an internal environment analysis for the organisation. You should identify, differentiate and evaluate the key resources, capabilities and core
competencies of the organisation (or SBU) that are most likely to provide sustainable competitive advantage.
Identify strengths and weaknesses
Conclude based on the internal analysis
Post 4 (due 26 Aug 2018)
Introduce business level strategy
Evaluate the key business level strategy of the organisation (or SBU). Use the value chain analysis to justify your choice
Draw your conclusion.
Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment. Details will be provided by your subject lecturer.
Rationale back to top
This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
• be able to identify and explain the key components of strategic management such as strategy analysis, strategy formulation and strategy implementation, and their interrelationships.
• be able to review and evaluate the evolution of ideas and practices leading to the development of strategic management and its relationship to other management nrartires and nrincinles.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2503 words including References

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