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Subject Code and Title BIZ202
The Business Environment Assessment
Business Case Individual: Length( 2000 words) Learning Outcomes
a) Examine the influence of the external environment on the organisation
b) Identify an apply appropriate frameworks and tools to the problems and challenges faced by organisations
c) Research industry specific factors to the organisation decision-making process
d) Apply a relevant framework to evaluate the influences of political, legal, economical, social, cultural and technological facotrs on an organisation
e) Create a business case for potential growth opportunities based on analysis of external environmental factors Submission
Week 11 Weighting 40% Total Marks 100 marks
The business case study is a comprehensive assessment of the environmental factors which lead to a prominent business of the past to make a significant loss, or which lead to its closure. You must choose the case of a high profile Australian or International business which fits this criteria.
• Describe the environment in which the business was operating, discussing the elements (political, legal, economical, social, cultural and technological) of the business environment which might have potential impact. (1500 words)
• Accurately describe the response by the business which was unsuccessful or successul to address the challenges from these external envirinemtal fators (400)
• The structure of the assignment should follow standard case study structure:
? Introduction and background information
? Body of information and discussion of relevant topics
? Conclusion and summary
? Referencing in the APA style