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NRSG370 Assessment Task 2: Case Study – Medical/Surgical #1
Melody King, 36, Peritonitis following ruptured appendix
Ms. Melody King presented to the Emergency department with 2-3 days of severe Right Lower Quadrant abdominal pain, which required emergency laparoscopic surgery for removal of a ruptured appendix.
She has a past medical history of asthma and depression, with her current prescribed and compliant medications list which includes:
• Ventolin
• Seretide
• Sertraline
Melody’s observations were as follows:
• BP 95/45mmHg
• HR 120
• Temp 38.3°Celcius
• RR 22/min and shallow
• SpO2 95% on room air
She complained of increasing nausea and centralised abdominal pain 7-8 on a scale of 0 to10. Physical assessment showed a distended abdomen and generalised abdominal guarding. To investigate her condition further, pathology results reveal a raised white blood cell (WBC) count and CRP.
You are the RN caring for Melody post-operatively on the surgical ward.

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