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Your task:
1. Go to website and identify the purpose of the following acts – what is covered, who does this apply to and what is the relevance in the workplace?
• Age Discrimination Act
• Disability Discrimination Act
• Racial Discrimination Act
• Sex Discrimination Act
• Australian Human Rights Commission Act
2. Develop a bullying/harassment policy that can be used in your workplace. The policy needs to include: (you may access and reference you state WHS legislation or fairwork for specific requirementsin your state and the following link provides a checklist: bullying policy checklist for employers page-Comcare.
• The legal requirements set out by law
• Examples of what is defined as bullying and harassment and what is not
• A clear statement that will outline the processes and procedures to be followed in case of any incident including the stages of informal and formal procedures
• A statement regarding how will you implement this policy in the workplace and ensure the staff are trained and aware on an ongoing basis, as part of an integrated consultation process

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 713 words including References

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