Recent Question/Assignment

Dear Jimmy,
As discussed I have attached the relevant basic docs which need to be studied to do the dissertation by the writer ( Research Integrity approval form, Outline research proposal and project proposal accordingly ) I have also attached the feedback provided by the university for project proposal and approved to continue based on the feedback.
-Appendix D Business School Research Integrity Approval Form which need to be submitted with the Dissertation.
Following is the instructions given to the previous writer to do the research outline and research proposal for your kind reference. which is to avail approval from the university prior to continue the MBA project.
This task comprises 2 components.

Research Outline
This needs to be done in the attached template by filling in the necessary information (kindly see the attachment -Outline Research Template-).
This has to comprise 500 words and needs to be submitted by …………………….
This will be reviewed by the University and they will provide a feedback such as, possible improvements, any changes required and they will allocate a supervisor who will guide us for the research proposal which is the 2nd component of this task
Once the feedback and the acceptance is received from the university only we can proceed to the detailed research proposal for which the details are given below
No sooner the feedback is received, I will share it with the writer so that the writer can proceed with writing the detailed Research Proposal

2. Research Proposal
As mentioned above, once the Research Outline has been finalized and agreed upon by the supervisor at the University, this component of the task can be started and this has to be a total of 3,500 words.
There is also a Research Integrity Form (attached herewith named BS Research Ethics Form for Online Students) which will serve as a covering document for the Research Proposal which also needs to be filled by the writer.
Subsequent to this, we will have to proceed for the Research Paper ( MBA Project – Dissertation ) for which I will make the payment and get in touch with the same writer once I receive the approval for the Research Proposal from the University.
Note : I would like to know your writer feedback as in how he will do the dissertation , data collections and areas which will be covered under this project and etc as per the research outline and research proposal, so that I can have a clear understanding about your writer weather he can do a good piece of work my case.
awaiting your earliest response.