Recent Question/Assignment

NPS20005 Assessment 4
DUE DATE: 11:59pm on Friday 2nd November, 2018
In this assessment, you need to be creative in the way you present your scientific information to the different cohorts. It is a ‘Communication and Commercialisation Portfolio via a Content Management System’. You should use a variety of communication visual channels to present your information in an engaging and informative manner. Your written information needs to be comprehensive and succinct. Therefore, you MUST NOT just take ‘chunks’ of your writing from Assessment 2 and copy and paste text information. This is ‘Self Plagiarism’ and it is not acceptable.
Task Requirements:
• Design and publish a Content Management System (CMS) for your Blog Site. In lectures (Weeks 8-12) and tutorials (Weeks 9-12) you will learn how to set up your CMS. The feedback provided in tutorial submissions will assist you with this assessment.
• Use WordPress to create your Blog Site
• Your scientific topic is the same one you used for Assessment 3
• Reference Links - should be on each individual page. This is not an academic reference list, therefore use different formats to acknowledge your research (eg live links to source).
• Marked out of 30 and worth 30% of the unit assessment.
Due Date
• Upload the URL of your 4th assessment via Blackboard by 11:59pm on Friday 2nd November. REMEMBER to share the link with us if you make it private
Late Penalty
• minus 3 marks per day late (do not submit if more than 6 days late)
Your Blogs
• one topic per page for each of the cohorts (include references on each page);
• 7 pages (ie 1 complete page for each of the 7 required blogs is the minimum requirement);
• 9 separate pages is the maximum size, including internal and external links;
• 700 words maximum for your blog site;
• 4 still images (or more) must be included;
• 1 separate audio file (or more) a maximum of 3 minutes (in total) must be included;
• 1 separate video file (or more) a maximum of 3 minutes (in total) must be included; • you must create the still images, audio and movie files and upload them to your site.
Your Blog Site must be aesthetically appealing and address each of the target audiences in an engaging manner. Each page needs relevant and succinct written information. Enhance your message by using other communication channels to make your page interesting and informative eg. concept maps, diagrams, video clips. Include reference links on each page. You need a different page for each of the following:
1. blog reader learning about you and your research – provide your personal profile; the significance of your topic; and explain that this blog is a university project.
2. other scientists – wanting to understand your chosen topic.
3. general public – engage their interest. As a Science Journalist share your story and communicate your topic.
4. policymaker – describe and justify a new or modified policy about your topic.
5. investor/funder – request resources to fund production/manufacturing of your product.
6. educator – choose a relevant aspect of your science topic and prepare an educational blog to inform the end-users how your topic can be implemented. You could create a teaching plan, a Ted Talk or any other educational format.
7. reflection page/tab – reflect on your experience doing this assessment and the differences between writing and creating this CMS and the writing communication you used in your Assessment 3 report.
Extra pages You may wish to create 1 or 2 other pages with useful and relevant information. You may make a separate Reference List (although those links should be on each individual page), but remember this is not an academic reference list; therefore you can use different formats to acknowledge your research.