Recent Question/Assignment

NPS20005 Assessment 1 Due Date: Sunday 19th August at 11:59pm – 10%
Choose and describe a scientific topic that interests you. This topic will be the basis for Assessment 2, Assessment 3 and Assessment 4. In weeks one and 2 of semester you will be given detailed information about these assessment requirements. If you are working on a new area and you cannot find a published review article, you need to discuss your situation with your tutor.
Choose and describe a scientific topic that interests you. It needs to include:
• a clear description of the topic
• reasons why it could be viable to develop a product or a research project based on it • significance of the topic
• use one key reference that is a review article published in or after 2010 • use Swinburne Harvard Style to reference it
• 150-200 words (+/-10%) - include word count (do not include words in your Reference List).
• in the footer write your name and unit code
Criterion 1: Scientific topic
• Is the topic clearly described?
• Are reasons provided to support the viability of developing a product or research project based on this topic?
• Is the significance of the topic obvious?
Criterion 2: Reference
• Has a suitable reference been selected?
• Was the article published in or after 2010?
• Is the correct Swinburne Harvard Style used to reference the article?
Criterion 3: Organisation of material and use of language
• Is information organised in a clear, logical and engaging way?
• Is the writing presented in a professional well-edited form, with correct grammar, spelling and punctuation?