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INF80044 Project Quality and Resource Management
Assignment 1 – Critical Appraisal - Individual
Due date: 23rd August 2018
Word count: 2000 (+ or - 10%)
Marks: Out of 60
% of total mark for the unit: 30% This assignment relates to: Module 1
Assignment tasks:
Consider the following statement:
Detailed project planning upfront at the start of the project is essential to support effective governance of projects and ensure that projects are delivering value to the organisation.
On the other hand followers of one of the Agile project management methodologies believe that there is too much uncertainty at the start of the project to produce more than outline plans, and that detailed planning should happen much closer to when the work is actually happening.
1. Examine the contribution of detailed planning prior to the start of the project to effective governance of that project.
2. Argue whether or not you support the point of view that detailed planning is required up front, or if you are neutral.
3. Use a range of references to back up your arguments.
4. Compare, contrast and analyse the differing opinions of the authors, even those in agreement.
Assessment Criteria
Criteria that will be used to assess your submission are:
• Relevance to the topic
• Coverage of the topic
• Evidence of suitable research and wider reading
• Evidence of thoughtfulness, insights and critical reflection on the readings undertaken
• Assertions and arguments made are grounded in literature and supported by evidence
• Evidence of an ability to distinguish between legitimate academic sources of quality material as opposed to more ‘popular’ sources
• Structure and coherence of the writing
• Referencing done according to appropriate tertiary standards
• High standards of literacy
• Beware of Plagiarism! You will be penalised for not having in-text references attributing the source of a statement/information/comments/etc.
• Any assignment without proper and adequate in-text references and a reference list will be marked zero.
• Any assignment that display a moderate-high level of cut and paste even with in-text references will be penalised.
• Please read the “Harvard System: In-text references, reference lists & bibliographies” to learn how to reference appropriately and properly
To avoid any doubt as to what is meant by PLAGIARISM read the Swinburne
University policy and detailed information at:

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2530 words including References

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