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Value: 25%
Due Date: 06-Aug-2018
Return Date: 27-Aug-2018
Length: 2,000 words maximum
Submission method options: Alternative submission method
You are expected to research market opportunities, and develop a 'Country/Product Opportunity Brief' highlighting the opportunities and challenges that exist f product/service entry into a country of your choosing in Asia.
The objective of developing a country/product brief is to identify international marketing opportunities in your focus market for an existing Australian organisation and complete the early sections of a comprehensive international marketing plan. The selected company may be considering (a) entering a new country, or (b) considering the entry of a new product/service to an existing international market, or (c) both. You may NOT contact the organisation during the completion of this assessment.
You will need to conduct research on products/services with which they plan on entering the market, as well as research the most current issues that their company may face in entering a specific country. Issues include, but are not limited to legal/regulatory concerns, political risk, cultural nuances that require adaptation, entry/importation procedures/policies, competitive nature of industry, suppliers/channels of entry, and tariffs/taxes.
You will also need to analyse the skills, resources and capabilities of your chosen organisation with respect to entering this new international market.
The brief should be a maximum of 2000 words. It is strongly recommended to use headings/sub-headings to highlight changes in topic. A suggested structure would include:
Explain the specific market opportunity you have identified - what is it, how did you determine?
Situation Analysis
Business environment - Information on aspects of the macro and micro environment (PESTLE) relevant to this opportunity
Market Analysis - Customer segments/profiles relevant to your product in that market, size, growth rates
Competitive Analysis - who are the major competitors and what is their competitive advantage
Organisational Analysis - evaluation of the Australian organisation/product you recommend for this opportunity - what is their competitive advantage?
SWOT Analysis
A summary of key points discovered in the Situation Analysis.
All information within the brief should be managerially oriented and directly applicable to the specific opportunity/product you are recommending. Students who simply download country profile data without analysis will be penalised.
Students are expected to identify a company within the first four (4) weeks of class. The company may be large or small, local or international, have existing products/services or considering new products/services. Students must NOT contact these companies, instead relying solely on secondary data. Students are expected to utilise numerous data sources in compiling their project, such as government (country) and non-government sources (UN, World Bank, IMF, etc.), company records, consulting, legal and advertising firms, country-specific internet sites, trade statistics, and embassy resources. Any use of Wikipedia as a source for the assignment will result in an automatic zero mark, as it is not a reliable source.