Recent Question/Assignment

Self-Appraisal Reflection 2 (400 words)
PART A — Evidence of developing 1 of the skills discussed above (Use DIEP writing format:
What, Why, Feelings about the learning and how you Plan to use it in the future)
Employers are not only looking for prospective employees, who say they have the skills in communication, problem solving, teamwork etc. they are going to want to see evidence that you have developed these skills. As part of your building of a career portfolio it is important that you start to document evidence of what you have learnt and how you have developed the skills that will make you attractive as a prospective employee.
In your reflection using the DIEP format here are some questions you may wish to answer:
• What strategies did I use to develop the required skill? (D in DIEP)
• Did my skill improve through the semester? How did I develop those skills? (l in DIEP)
• How did you feel in developing the skill? (E in DIEP) How will this skill help me in the future? (P in DIEP)
•Include a peer review of each teammate and yourself (using provided peer review form).
•Provide a written (20 words each) summary of each team member describing their contribution to assessment 3.
•use theory/references/citations to support the learning you have described and evaluated in your reflection, no references/citations you will be marked as a fail.
•use REF-WORKS or other technique to build the reference list and citations in your reflection.
•include a minimum of 4 References and requisite citations
•use the Harvard Style of citations and References
•include your Peer Review form 3 teamwork. Review yourself and teammates