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PMGT 728: Term Project Report_Outline & Rubric
• Exploration Phase: 40 Marks (Descriptive Analysis-What happened)
• Project definition 2
• Why is it an international project? Which criteria it meets? 4
• Project industry and its influence on the project 4
• Stakeholders analysis (textbook pgs.75-76) 5
• Scope, Schedule and Cost Constraints 4
• Chronology of project-Timeline with Infographic & Turning Points 5
• Knowledge areas (The most influential ones on the project) 2
• Strategy: 4
• At MNC Level: Global, International, Transnational, and Multi-domestic. • At Corporate Level: Industry (IT, Construction, Medical, Pipe Line, Oil and Gas) • At Business Level: Cost Reduction, Differentiation, Focus, Niche Market, etc.
• At Functional Level: Efficiency, Pricing, etc.
• Organization Structure 4
• Human Resource System (Knowledge sharing, Training, Security, etc.) 4
• Your Areas of Focus (Minimum of three areas)
• Analysis Phase: 25 Marks
• Applied tools and techniques (MBI, Diagramming, SWOT, Pareto Chart, Cause and effect diagram, Decision Tree, Histogram, Flow Chart, etc. 2
to analyse your selected focus areas ) 5
• Based on your analysis what went wrong in the focus area of project? 5
• Based on your analysis what went right in the focus area of project? 5
• Your Lessons learned from analyzing the focus area of project 5
• Your recommendations for improving in the focus area of project
• Comparison Phase: 25 Marks 5
• Similarities/Differences with course materials (at least 10 concepts) 10
• Similarities/Differences with other three team projects in the class
• Report Format: 10 Marks 15
• Consistency 2
• Abstract and executive summary 2
• Table of content 2
• Cover page 2
• References 2
Developed by: Bob Xourafas, BSc, P.Eng, PMP

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 6576 words including References and Appendices

Topic: Delhi Metro

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