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Requirements for Reflective Journal - MGMT 701
With regard to the reflective journal, students will have to write a 2 - 3 page, 12 point, double-spaced essay reflecting (in your own words) on what you have learned about IS/IT during the semester. This means that you should be keeping a weekly running journal/notes on what you were able to pick up in class, from your readings, from your work with your group and/or from any other area (observation, research, Facebook, newspapers, TV, etc.). It also means that two students cannot have the same reflection, and that this is something that each of you have to work on (keeping notes, jottings, scribbles, etc.) from the first class. Also, the reflection should not be in point form (i.e. it should be an essay that flows) nor should it be too long (hence 2 - 3 pages max.), nor should it be a criticism or praise of the professor or other students. Its focus should be on what each of you was able to learn about IS/IT and it can be quite subjective.
Your journal should focus on one or two concepts from each chapter that have had an impact on you, and you need to reflect on how these concepts can be used in your business or personal life (or have been used by you previously). It is mat a list or summary of all of the material covered in that class.
This reflective journal should cover material starting with chapter 3 up to and including chapter 13 (Developing Information Systems) with a small paragraph for each chapter and the chapter number should be clearly identified at the beginning of each paragraph. It is due in the
electronic dropbox in eCentennial on Saturday, July 28, 2018 and is worth 10% of the course marks.
I will scan these journals through Turnitin so please be very careful. Since these journals are your reflections, not anyone else's, any similarity to other sources will not be tolerated and will result in a zero mark in this assignment.