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Short Essay (15%): Competency of MNC HR Director
Due date: 6th August 2018 (Monday), via turnitin by 12 midnite. Word doc. only
Length: 1000 words (+-10%) (only from introduction to conclusion included in word count)
Task: In multinational corporations, Human Resource Directors are responsible for developing strategies for the management of employees within the organisation, in all locations across the globe.
Assume that you are the CEO of a multinational corporation. What are some of the key competencies will you expect from your HR Director. Why?
*Note due to word limit, select 3-4 key competencies to discuss. Depth of analysis is more important than the quantity.

Use minimum 5 academic references to support your discussion/answer.
Cover Page (student name, Id, essay title, lecturer name, and word count)
Introduction (10-15% of word limit): What the essay will be about prospectively: A navigational purpose. Role of HR Directors and the 3 or 4 key competencies selected, purpose of essay

Main Body (70-80% of word limit): What the essay is about. Journey itself providing detailed explanations by signposts.
• 1-2 paragraphs for each key competency (select those that are very crucial based on HR responsibilities in a global company).
• Explain the theory, critical analyse it from multiple perspective and explain why this competency is important supported by some examples and in-text citation.
• Note* It’s important that you are able to explain the selected competencies based on it’s importance at the international/global level
• End each paragraph with your own judgment about the competency based on the research you have conducted.
Conclusion (10-15% of word limit): What essay has been about retrospectively: Reflect on the essence of the journey.
Reference List using APA6 style
*Note: Marking is strictly based on the rubric as attached. Kindly read and apply it.
**Please submit on the DRAFT link first on turnitin to check for similarity, needs to be 25% and below
Criterion and weight 45-49%
Fail 50-64%
Pass 65-74%
Credit 75-84%
Distinction 85-100%
High Distinction Marks
Critical analysis and use of academic references (12 marks) Key competencies not identified. The assignment does not address the minimum requirement. No reference used in the assignment.
Few competencies identified but not analysed critically. A couple of references have been used to support arguments.
Major competencies identified. An attempt has been made to critically analyse the competencies but there may be some gaps in analysis. About three references have been used for support. Some sections lack support from academic citations. Key competencies identified. An excellent attempt has been made to critically analyse the competencies. Only a few sections may be overly descriptive, lacking critical thought. Four or more references have been used for support. Key competencies identified. Outstanding analysis of the competencies with support from academic citations. Five or more references have been used in the assignment.
Referencing, expression and presentation (3 marks) Very poor presentation and expression. Not followed APA referencing style. The discussion addresses the minimum requirements of the assessment, but one or more of presentation, expression or referencing requirements considerable improvement.
The discussion is well presented, but needs to be improved in academic writing style and/or APA referencing Minor errors in expression and/or academic presentation and/or APA referencing. Correct expression, appropriate academic presentation and correct APA referencing.
Total Marks

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1243 words including References

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