Recent Question/Assignment

Essay Questions (3000 words). Due Date- 5th August.
Subject- Managing across Cultures
You will need to draw on peer reviewed, reputable, published work and academic texts to complete the task.
Please answer two of the following essay questions:
1. How might culture influence the way trust is communicated and interpreted in intercultural workplaces, based on a critical reading of the literature? What can be done to enhance intercultural trust in organisations?
2. Investigate the literature and discuss the way expatriates may best be managed across countries that are culturally diverse.
3. Critically examine inter-cultural communication literature, focusing on key ways that that these ideas are relevant to international organisations and practices.
4. How does culture influence emotional display? Provide a critical analysis of the implications for organisational contexts based on quality sources from peer reviewed literature.
5. Drawing on the literature, how do people from different cultures approach conflict and/or negotiation, and its management? Suggest any implications for the international and/or culturally diverse workplace.
6. Examine the literature on how culture influences ethical perspectives and practices and critically discuss any practical implications for managers, organisations and employees, more broadly.
7. How can university business graduates develop cultural intelligence in preparation for positions in international and culturally diverse organisations. Support your ideas with references to quality literature.
You are expected to include a list of references which are cited in the project. They should be in alphabetical order and conform to UniSA Harvard referencing conventions.
The references should be drawn from peer reviewed quality journal papers or good quality academic texts. Do not use any other online sources such as Wikipedia or blogs. The quality of your sources is directly relevant to the quality of your work.
At least 20 sources are expected in your reference list to demonstrate wide reading and an informed perspective associated with your assignment.
The reference list is not included in your word count.