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HRPD 707 - 002 GC&E Team Assignment (5%)
Purpose: Support personal and social responsibility initiatives at the local, national or global level- as it pertains to OH and S. initiatives at these multiple levels.
“ Canada's mesothelioma cancer rate is now one of the highest in the world. Few in the medical community are surprised: Canada's dedication to the mining of chrysotile asbestos and the Canadian government's track record for permitting its production and use in thousands of products laid the groundwork for exposing citizens to the toxic mineral. The most significant increases occurred in the shipbuilding areas around Vancouver, and in Quebec, home to many of Canada's early asbestos mines.”
Source -Mesothelioma Center
Prepare a team report discussing the following:
1. What has led to the spread of mesothelioma in Canada?
2. Describe the role of the Canadian government in asbestos production and export.
3. What are the ethical implications surrounding asbestos production and export?
Format: 3 pages (not including cover page and references), size 12 font Times New Roman or Arial, double spaced and using APA citation.
Submit an online copy (Jul 26th) and a printed copy in class.
Due: July 27th