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Assessment Task 1: Proposal/Background
Goal: This purpose of this task is to explore a specialist area of professional management practice by developing a research proposal for investigating an identified management problem.
Product: Written Proposal Template: 500 words. Further details are included on the Blackboard course site.
Format: This is an individual assessment. See Blackboard for more details.
Criteria • Identification, background and justification of a management problem to be investigated supported by relevant secondary sources
• Discussion of the research question and research objectives
• Identification of parent discipline and key theoretical frameworks
• Identification of academic journals and sources of secondary data
• Discussion of proposed method, data analysis plan and timeline
• Communication and referencing
Generic skill assessed Skill assessment
Communication Graduate
Organisation Graduate
Information literacy Graduate
Please revised the impact of public opinion as follows
1. Impact of public opinion - You should answer how social media, interest groups, and public beliefs affected Telstra. You have only talked about privatization which is not sufficient to demonstrate the impact of public opinion. So please write - How Telstra network outage affects to the public and how it spread via social media. How Telstra manage this controversy using damage control and spin control. For example, Telstra offered unlimited data downloads for affected people. also how Worker's unions respond to Telstra's plan to job cutting within next few years.
2. Please answer, High or Moderate or Low to each of Porter's five forces.
PS: Also Please make references where it necessary as I found some of the information are without any proper references.
please send me the revised answers ASAP.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 728 words including References

Title: An Effective Tool for Motivation?

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