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EDX701: Research Design Development and Method
Assessment Tasks
Hurdle Requirement: Satisfactory completion of the Human Research Ethics online training and quiz is required in order to pass this unit.
Please submit a copy of the Human Ethics Quiz Results email via Cloud
Due date: 7 October 2018, 11.59pm.
IMPORTANT: Passing the Human Research Ethics Quiz is ESSENTIAL for you to pass this unit.
Assessment Task 1: Literature Review
Due date: 12 August 2018, 11.59pm. Please submit via the Cloud.
Assessment Task 1 Description (40%) 2,000 words
In the first task students are to submit a written assignment in the form of a literature review. The purpose of this task is to define and contextualize an education issue or a problem and to demonstrate working knowledge and critical engagement of relevant literature related to a particular field of inquiry.
The submitted task must:
• Identify a specific education problem/issue (a succinct statement of what your study is about)
• Provide contextual background for the reader (e.g. why this problem/issue is important for you)
• Critically review relevant theoretical and research literature related to the problem/issue.
• Define key specialist terms (both conceptual and operational definitions)
• Identify possible research participants and settings for the study.
Assessment Criteria (40%; 40 marks)
1. The paper clearly and concisely specifies a succinct statement of the research problem/issue and researcher context: including the personal, social or political factors involved and the significance of the problem/issue.
2. The paper draws critically upon, and engages with, texts that others have produced to:
a) ‘map the field’ relevant to the issue/problem;
b) establish studies or ideas that are pertinent or important to the topic;
c) highlights gaps in the literature and promising lines of inquiry; and
d) critically evaluates theoretical frameworks, research design faults/omissions, and research methods in the reported literature.
3. The paper effectively communicates with the broader scholarly community. The paper is accessible to a broad audience and includes the clarification of key or specialist terms and minimizes jargon. The submitted paper is free from spelling, grammatical and typographical errors. It meets the required length and complies with Australian academic rules and conventions. It is referenced through the consistent and accurate use of a recognised referencing style, preferably APA (American Psychological Association) OR Harvard.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2315 words including References

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