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first plan and manage the flexible workforce
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task 1 and task 2.
Task 1 — Flexible Workplace - Business Case and Workforce Plan

A Proposal for a Telecommuting/working from home arrangement
An employee has an exceptionally long commute and has requested a telecommuting arrangement for two days a week to save time and reduce the stress of peak time travel.
A proposal which includes an analysis of the amount of time spent on face-to-face tasks and individual-based tasks has been developed. A convincing argument has been made that a telecommuting arrangement would enable all tasks to be effectively undertaken, while also improving work-life balance and well-being.
A well-researched proposal assists decision-making. There are a range of considerations in relation to telecommuting. Research telecommuting and provide a business case for implementation of the flexible workplace arrangement. Create the business case report as outlined below.
Key headings
Cover page
Executive summary
Background o Objectives
Scope o Process o Action plan
Costing options (including employee, supplier and capital)
Measure of success
Following the business case, create a workforce plan as follows:
Workforce plan outline
1. Introduction
a. Project plan and planning approach
b. Stakeholder engagement plan
c. Workforce segmentation document
2. Demand analysis
a. Demand analysis (current and future)
b. Alternate futures analysis
3. Internal supply analysis
a. Workforce profile
b. Skills and capabilities profile
c. Employee survey
d. Internal supply analysis (current and future)
4. External supply analysis
a. External supply (current and future)
b. Future external supply
5. Gap analysis
a. Gap analysis
6. Workforce strategies
a. Risks and options analysis
b. Action plan
c. Approval
Within the same organisation, an employee's request for a transition to part time work came as a surprise as she had no family responsibilities. This is a difficult case as the she holds a position of leadership and has a wide range of responsibilities.
It is important to explore the circumstances of the request, but not to pry. Getting to the underlying rationale takes skill and does require a level of trust between the manager and the employee. An effective way to do this is to discuss the employee's Self-Assessment and explore whether the identified needs match the options requested. This will also help you to determine that the employee has thought through the work, financial and other implications of the request. You must create an Employee Self-Assessment to collect this information.
It may be possible to develop a solution which better matches business and personal needs than a transition to part-time work. Outline the questions you would ask the employee during a meeting to discuss their request. Specify the questions you would ask and create a recording form to record the discussion.
An employee requests a change to .8 in order to have Fridays free, but there are already a number of part-time arrangements in place where team-members do not work Fridays. Accepting this request would pose problems for the team's productivity.
The discussion needs to explore what objective the request is aiming to achieve - is changing to .8 the best/only way of achieving this?
The written proposal should address the realities of the workplace and show how the arrangement would work. What does it propose about Fridays and the consequent impact on the work of the unit?
Discuss a range of approaches and solutions to deal with the request. Provide as a report.
Part-time employee's concern:
-My child care arrangements have changed and I now need to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, instead of Monday, Thursday and Friday-.
Provide a written response for the employee.
Observation Checklist
Task 2 — Job Share Scenario

After a number of years in a successful job-share partnership, one employee is resigning to go overseas. Another part-time employee has expressed an interest in taking on the role, but the remaining job share partner is hesitant — citing professional differences and personal incompatibility.
Job share agreements need to include an understanding of what happens if the partnership changes.
Options include:
• The remaining person to work full-time,
• Advertising externally for a job share partner
• finding a partner in the work-area
Describe in full how you would manage this situation and present as a written report.
In your discussion, include:
• enabling technologies consultation to identify and address needs strategies to support engagement of flexible workforce coaching as appropriate clear rights, roles and responsibilities resolution of issues prevention of discrimination monitoring and making adjustments to arrangements as needed

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2998 words including References

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