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Task 3 - Information Page
Prior to undertaking this assessment students need to know that the materials and the responses to the question requirement of Assessment 3 is an advanced level of nursing knowledge.
As a professional body, dissemination of findings needs to occur through the facilitation and mutual shaping of knowledge and shared experience with colleagues. Use of research and best evidence enhances the development of self and others. Therefore, the goal of this assessment is to scope and review (critique) current literature relevant to the topic. The central focus is a critique of the literature to be represented in the form of a poster.
The goal of this assessment is to review the current literature relevant to the dying phase of trajectory and report on the findings. The requirement is to select one (1) out of the eight core values from the Palliative Care Industry Standards guidelines (National Palliative Care Standards pg. 7). Then critically analyse and discuss the possible influences (positive) and effects (negative) of the chosen core value on those within a dying phase, and as found within the literature within the topic of close interpersonal relationships and bereavement in the dying phase of a trajectory.
(As an example, you could choose compassion and its influences and effects of this chosen value on close interpersonal relationships and bereavement in the dying phase trajectory. Include the relevance not only to you, but also those who are receiving the provision of healthcare services at end of life.)
Importance of this task for your professional development
This knowledge will help to shape future leadership skills working as a professional across all settings of healthcare industry, but in particular palliative care/end of life care. For example, if you have been selected by the Unit Manager of a Hospice Care Centre to present a poster at the next Palliative Care for Nurses Conference. The central theme coudl be on the importance of core values of the Palliative Care Industry Standards.
Poster Format
• This assessment does not have a word limit - 800 words a recommended maximum.
• For this assessment item, a critique of the literature refers to 7-10 recent peer reviewed publications of quality journal articles no less than 5 years old. Seven articles are a satisfactory pass standard.
• Title of the poster must contain the student's full name (as the author of the poster).
• Harvard referencing style is used.
• Templates are provided below:
o Task 3 Poster Template Portrait .pptx
o Task 3 Poster Template Portrait version. 2.pptx
o Task 3 Poster Template Landscape.pptx
• To support the Findings Table an Excel spreadsheet as template is provided. This is to help you construct your findings on the themes and subthemes taken from the critique of the literature.
o Template of Finding Table in excel.xlsx
• All text boxes within the body of the poster are be of the same font size. Powerpoint automatically changes the word sizing, thus ensure that the font sizing is consitent throughout (exceptions to the rule are titles or headings) prior to converting into pdf format.
• Students can remove the text box or borders if they wish, as the presentation of their poster has creative license.
Watch these video instructions (23:49 min) with detailed guidelines. Click on the image below to start the video.