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Please send the structure and table of contents of the report before start writing, so, I can check and confirm.
Complete a disaster analysis report using the principles of risk management. The focus of the disaster analysis will be the Tianjin China explosion of 13 August 2015:
You are to submit a disaster plan analysis report comprising of 1500 words focusing on the principles of risk management. Students are encouraged to utilise a range of resources in the report including relevant multi-media where appropriate, graphs, charts, etc. Ensure an evidence based approach is taken into the analysis drawing on theoretical frameworks from the research and literature, and from recent news accounts of the disaster.
Resources to be provided:
• A range of e-textbooks and journals is available through online journal databases including EBSCO. •
In order to complete this report you must read the relevant readings attached herewith as they are the Risk Management Theories which have learnt throughout the course. If you didn’t analyse and explain them, you will ne get marks. So please carefully read the basics and apply theories accordingly. In addition, please find some articles and other resources about this incident and draw graphs, diagrams and table to demonstrate the marker that you have used wide range of research on this case.(but please do not use them to explain about what has happened, use diagrams, graphs or table to explain how to monitor and review the system and how they could have mitigated the incident where it necessary.
Structure of this report is as follows.
Executive Summary
Introduction - Please give an introduction about this case, and what will discuss in this report,
Risk Analysis -
Please put a relevant headings to the following facts as i hope you can put them in a correct order and make the structure flowing well. All you want to discuss is that,
What has happened and what are the reasons for this incident
Why this happened
What could they have done to avoid such kind on incident?
(Please follow the Risk management framework steps in module 1- reading. Such as define the system and risk management objectives (which has more impact and which has less impact etc.), identify hazard and potential loss events (in this step, you must analyse HazOp , FMEA, international risk management standards relevant this case like ANSI/ISO etc., environmental factors etc.
how to measure and rank risk and so on according to the framework. And remember please don’t repeat the theory, you need to apply them into this case practically what has happened, what caused, and how they could mitigate this incident if they follow this and these like that.
I prefer, First, you send me the structure and table of contents of what you gonna write in this report so I can check and confirm accordingly.
Remember you must read the reading before you start writing as they contains all the essential facts that require to complete this task and also refer the marking rubric on next page.