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Leading Complex Projects
Assignment 2: Literature Review
Leading complex projects to a successful end state.
Due Date: See Unit Outline
Required Length: 1200 words
Marks Allocated: 30%
Assignment Details
All students are to write a literature review of 1200 words (+ 10%) on the topic:
How can we manage and control complex and virtual projects? What approaches, tools,
skills are needed to successfully lead and deliver projects with virtual complexities.
The literature review will involve a critical evaluation of relevant existing literature on the
above topic. You should use at least 7 articles, 5 of which must be articles from good quality
sources such as peer reviewed academic journals and books. Your work must be referenced
throughout and full references given in Harvard style at the end of the review. Details of
Harvard referencing formats are given on the Swinburne Library’s research site at:
Learning Objectives for Assignment.
• Through assessing the academic literature understand what elements contribute and
define complex projects and how project complexity impacts the successful delivery
of a project.
• Show familiarity with significant research in the area
• Develop critical thinking skills, through identifying, analysing, evaluating and
developing arguments which illustrate thoughtful appreciation of the management of
complex projects