Recent Question/Assignment

I have spoken with the chat support via your WhatsApp account.
As I mentioned on the last email, I am currently studying Master of Philosophy (Phill), and then after that I will do upgrade to a PhD, I have recently finished my confirmation and now I am writing my thesis.
I will start writing my literature review section now. And the panel in my confirmation date said the
literature review is weak (literature review of my proposal) and I have not met the criteria. So, that’s why I am now contacting you to help me to write my literature review section according to my supervisor and the panel comments (please see the attach documents).
I am attaching with this email a copy of my Proposal and my supervisors and the panel comments about what do I have to do to make my literature review strong (remember I am now writing my literature review as thesis chapter not a proposal chapter so the chapter must be writing broadly)
Remember please the due date to finish writing my thesis is on January in the next year 2019, and
this thesis would be as Master of Philosophy (Phill), and then after that (Finish my Phill thesis) I will do upgrade to a PhD and start writing another thesis as PhD level. This is the rules from the university. (these are the recommendations from my panel after the confirmation date)
For now, I will first writing the whole section of my LITERATURE REVIEW. It must be written exactly like what is written in the Committee's comments. You must abide by what is written exactly in the file that is named
-My supervisors comments about the Literature Review-
please be advised that the whole chapter of my literature review must be around approximately 10,000 words. I am waiting your response about the feedback and the price (Literature review chapter).